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Trumka Cover - Feb 3 2016

Powell Sweeney Cover

Tefere Cover

Trumka 2 Cover

Michael Carrigan Cover

George H. Nee Cover

Eiding Journal Cover

Petee Talley, Journal Cover

Steven A. Tolamn, Journal Cover

Labor Leadership Award

Montserrat Garibay Roving Ambassador For Peace Award

April 30th 2019 Recipient Rev. Terrence L Melvin

World Peace Prize, June 18th, 2019

World Peace Prize, July 9, 2019

Michael Louis Roving Ambassador for Peace

Ron Bieber Roving Ambassador for Peace

Levi Allen Roving Ambassador for Peace

Dan Duncan Honorific Journal

Frank J Christensen Journal Cover

President Gregory Floyd, IBT

President Gregory Floyd, IBT

President Trumka

Richard L. Trumka World Peace Prize For Solidarity