June 29, 2022.

First, I give thanks to God who guides my footsteps.

Thank you, Father McManus and Barbara Flaherty.

Thank you for this distinguished honor.

I thank the Irish National Caucus/Irish Peace Foundation for understanding Labor fights for Peace, Justice, and Economic opportunities for working people.

I want to thank the late and great President Richard Trumka’s vision and passion to help formally launch the World Peace Prize within the Labor Movement on February 3, 2016. He was pleased the World Peace Prize has connected the Labor fight for social justice with the building of peace nationally & globally.  I am humbled & blessed to carry that baton forward.

I am so grateful my mother and father who taught me to always look both ways —to use my voice and to do the right thing even if no one was watching.

I am inspired and encouraged to continue this journey.  Some days are more challenging than others, but something happens when you stand in the trenches and experience the ultimate reward of letting others see that someone cares.  That growth and progress continues with hope.  I know that it is important to let people know that their work matters.

I am grateful that someone believed in me.  That someone knew I was capable to be more.  That I was capable to do more.  For every struggle and setback strength comes from knowing our history.  Knowing that someone fought for us and it is important to fight for others.  And I will always be an advocate and defender for what is right.

I will continue to fight for justice.

I will continue to fight for equality, diversity and inclusion.

I will continue to fight for fair treatment.

I will continue to find the U and I in U-N-I-T-Y.

Without peace there is no justice.

Thank you for sharing this moment with me.  It means so much when you know your efforts are appreciated.  But I never did this for an award.  I do this because I can.  I do it because GOD allows me to.  I just pray that I can continue to be an impact.  It just goes to show that the blessing is truly in being of service to others.

Thank you all for coming.  I am truly honored, humbled, and blessed.  I accept this award in honor of all the people that came before me so that I would have the opportunity to do the same.

As Fr. Mc Manus says…

“In solidarity—for ‘peace is the fruit of solidarity.’ “

Thank you.

Shellye Davis

Executive Vice President